Lockout Space, band-share, and short-term.
A humble but versatile recording studio.
Photo & Video
Photo and Video dailies at an affordable rate.
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Taylor Sound Availabilities:

Taylor Sound is looking to expand again very soon.  Please email us to express your interest and we will put you on our waiting list.  We may even be able to build you a custom room.  Thanks!

Look at what we have:

Monthly at 8000 Powell Rd:

21X10 Rehearsal Space $420/mo Available 5/1/14 (awesome all round jam space)
14'X18' Rehearsal Space $475/mo Available 5/1/14 (great for a large band or even 2 bands with 2 drumsets)

Taylor Sound Offerings:

*DIY Vocal Recording starts at $180 for 30 hours!  That's $6 per hour folks.  Please contact us for details.

*Band Shares starting at $185 per month. Hourly, Daily, Weekly rates available.

*Drum (drummers only) rooms with drum set and PA $100 for 15 hours of practice.  Use the time within 60 days.

*Check out our latest video production.  Do you want something similar to promote your band?:

*Supervised Rehearsal for Teens.  Send your teenager rock band our way and we will set them up for rehearsals after school or on the weekend.  $200 for 4 -  (2 hour) rehearsal sessions.  This is for first timers only and it comes with a free 30 minute consultation about how to have a great rehearsal.