T. Perry Bowers

T. Perry Bowers

I've been in bands and involved in music since high school. It wasn't until college that I realized that I wanted to live life as an artist. My father was, and still is, an entrepreneur. He owned and operated a concrete recycling business. My desire to be an artist and the entrepreneurial ways that rubbed off on me from my dad, came together in the mid 90s. I acquired some recording equipment and started recording bands in my rehearsal space. American Head Charge was one of my first clients. I was charging them $3/hour.

in 1998, I found a little space in southeast Minneapolis where the landlord would allow music rehearsal and recording. I rented about 2500 square feet. I had 6 rehearsal spaces and a recording studio. This was where my roots in the rehearsal business took hold. I put an ad in the City Pages for 1 week and filled all of my spaces. In fact, I was getting calls from that ad for months afterward. At that point, I knew there was a huge demand for quality rehearsal space in Minneapolis.

I started looking for a larger building. I found a space in North Minneapolis. We had 2 buildings and 20,000 square feet of space for 12 years. That time came to an end in August of 2012 after many wonderful experiences with many talented artists. Of course, there were challenges. Feel free to ask me about it in person. I'd be happy to share.

In September 2012, we moved into the new location at 8000 Powell Road in Saint Louis Park. I am so blessed to have found such a perfect space to work. Here there is a functional and comfortable recording studio, a huge and versatile video studio and many rehearsal space options. The business is finally what I saw in my head for two decades.

During all of the ups and downs, I somehow raised a son and sent him off to college. My wife and I had two more girls. They are both in school now. My wife and I have had many powerful experiences supporting each other in our art and spirituality. I am so lucky that I can be me at work and at home.

I am passionate about helping bands and artists take their music to the next level. Whether that means starting a band or releasing a tenth album. My life is dedicated to help artists do what they do. Can I help you?

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Aaron Flinner

Aaron Flinner

My Interest in music started at a very young age and grew as I got older. However, my interest in audio didn't start until my senior year at high school in 2005 when I chose an audio electronics class as my last elective. For 3 years after high school I sampled and looked into different careers that fit all those interests and in 2008 I decided on audio production with the ultimate goal of doing sound design and ADR for video games, live and animated films, and anime.

I started at Hennepin Technical College in their audio recording specialist program. I fell in love with it and never looked back. I started out at Taylor Sound as an intern in February 2011 to finish out my last few credits, I graduated in May and was immediately hired as an engineer. I learned a great amount of skills through college, though I have learned perhaps even more from working in the studio directly with a variety of musicians and other engineers. I feel that attention to detail and doing things right from the start are the two most important skills I have learned. Never will you hear "we'll fix it in the mix" in one of my sessions, it'll be "we'll fix it now".

My greatest strength that I have gained so far, which has been greatly boosted from working as a FOH engineer at a local bar and grill. A skill that I continue to work on and apply in my sessions is being able to adapt to different situations and trying new things. Whether it be using new micing techniques or working with a band or artist that plays a unique genre of music. I strive to run a smooth, fun and low stress session and I look forward to every session.

Adam Jacobs

Kyle Berg

I have been involved with music since the first grade starting with piano lessons and later adding guitar. I was in percussion through high school and I dabble on the bass. In high school I started using Protools to record  demos with my band. It wasn’t until a year and a half of studying guitar at McNally Smith College of music that I learned I could learn how to record and mix music with intent. Switching up majors to an AAS in Applied Science of Music Production was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I immediately fell in love with recording and things really started to click. After graduating I had gained great skills with mixing and editing, whether it’s fixing tuning, timing, or sample replacement. I want your music to sound amazing. I love every project and every opportunity I get to use my skills in bringing clients music to life. I look forward to our session.