This page is where we've compiled some tips for artists and musicians. We hope that you can take away some knowledge from our years of experience in recording, rehearsal, video production and instruments!

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Guitar Tips

Watch some of these video guitar tips. Some of them are fro recording, and some of them are just practical ideas to help you get along with your guitar. Kenny Rardin, the Guitar Whisperer offers some very helpful suggestions on guitar setups, tone, electronics, etc. Take advantage of his years and years of experience.

Recording Tips

Over the years of recording at Taylor Sound, we’ve developed some tried and true methods. These videos expose some of our secrets. Our intention is to help artists create better recordings, period. So put these techniques in your arsenal and you’ll be way ahead of the other bands in the scene.

Band Tips

Maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe you’ve had a band for a while, but things aren’t going the way you’ve planned. Follow some of the advice in these videos and you’ll have an advantage over some of the other bands trying to make it. Getting along with your band mates is important. Making good business decisions can be paramount to keeping a band together. It’s not easy, maybe these tips will help.

Rap Tips

Perry sees a lot of rappers, young and veteran, trying to make it in the game. After, literally thousands of rap sessions, he has compiled some advice for these artists. Rappers are a different breed of artist. Their so called “mentors” act with a lot of bravado. But in the real world, behind the scenes, rappers need to get their business together and their egos in check. Watch these for some tough love and some and to get the most out of your time in the studio.