Taylor Sound is my creative home simply because everything I need is under one roof. Pre-production, live recording, mixing, rehearsing, filming to name a few. Why would I go anywhere else?

- J. Isaac

We rented space at Taylor for years. I found it to be a professional and creative environment. As well as a good place to hide when my wifey was mad at me.

- Slug from Atmosphere

They took good care of me.

- Brian Setzer

Perry and his staff have been courteous, helpful, and any issues were dealt with quickly, professionally and always to our satisfaction. I would recommend Taylor Sound to anyone who is looking for an affordable and comfortable place to practice and/or record music in the Twin Cities.

- Chris Kluwe - Minnesota Vikings

I work for the Bodeans and we just recently rehearsed at Taylor Sound. It was a great experience. The room we used had the equipment we need. T. Perry Bowers and his coworker were very accommodating to us. Also, Perry gave us a tour of the whole space to show us all the things available there from practicing, recording, and photos. If in Minneapolis I would recommend using Taylor Sound for all your band needs.

- Ethan Chapman

Thank you to my special friends at Taylor Sound for providing such a warm family environment for musicians around the world. -Spoken from the stage of the St. Paul Ordway Theatre, February 2009.

- Vusi Mahlasela

I am an artist who still prefers to go to a studio instead of a home studio. Less distractions. Taylor Sound is comfortable and affordable for me.

-Derrell Julian
R&B singer and musician

Taylor Sound was an awesome, yet professional work environment for our group's project.

-Jake Hall
Singer/Guitarist for The Missing Letters

I choose Taylor sound because the team is very accommodating and the pricing is affordable!

-Gwen Lewis
Contemporary Gospel Singer/Songwriter

The most impressive thing about Taylor Sound is the management. Perry is always friendly, cordial, flexible and open to working with the artist. The in-house equipment is first rate and in place before rehearsals. A first class operation.

-Anthony Torres
Guitarist for Alibi

Taylor Sound, has over the years, has provided my clients, my projects, and myself with excellent service, hospitality and gear. They are my studio of choice for tracking and editing. Perry's hospitality and professionalism is the same if not better than any of the Twin Cities "destination" studios.

-Steve Drymalski
Tour Manager for Soundgarden. Stone Temple Pilots, Neil Young

Taylor sound is not like any other practice space/recording studio in Minnesota. It's clean and affordable. It's in a great location. The security is top of the line. It works best for me because I can show up at 3am and play drums!

-Blayr Alexander
Drummer for Audiyo Element

Perry's studio is amazing. Lots of space, state of the art recording, great hands on experience. I highly recommend working with him or at his studio.

-Darin Back

The Taylor Sound Studios are, hands down, the best studios in the Twin Cities area for artists in need of space to rehearse and create music. The owner, Perry, has created a comfortable environment for musicians of all types to work without distraction. A walk through the Taylor Sound building makes Perry's hard work apparent. The studios are clean and well kept. The walls and ceilings of each studio have sound dampening to promote sound isolation. The facilities are protected via a video surveillance system. The end result for his tenants is a place where each musician can work without distraction or worry, keeping the focus on what's important for each tenant, their music.

In addition to great facilities, Taylor Sound Studios also has a great musical community. The tenants have great character, and are very diverse people. On any given day, the musicians can be seen talking to each other about their projects, giving/receiving advice from each other, or commending each other on recent work. It truly is an enjoyable experience sharing the facilities with the musicians found at Taylor Sound Studios.

If you are looking for a place to advance your musical project, I suggest you talk to Perry at Taylor Sound Studios and see what he can do for you.

-John Bartholomew of The Revealing